Sunday, March 22, 2009

Yahoo Me – Soon As I Remember My Password

Well, as you’ll notice, I haven’t been here for awhile. And yes, life does get in the way, and many, many other things take priority over blogs. However, that’s not the case here.

You see, I have this memory thing. Or lack thereof. I now have a large web presence thanks to Facebook and Plaxo and Linked-In and Red Room and Author Nation and and Blog Radio and this Blogspot . . . Oh and of course, MySpace, though I can’t recall when I’ve been there last. And of course my “official” web site ( – see, I’m getting good at this promotion thing).
But it all presents a bit of a problem when you do not write down your password.

It's easy, you say - just use the same one for all of them and you won’t have to worry! But I don’t want to be like that guy in the funny hat singing on his guitar about lamenting about how someone stole his identity. And although I do have Spyware and Firewall and Addware . . . a writer’s worst nightmare is having your computer crash from some nasty virus because of some hacker who clearly doesn’t have a life of his own, while you are entrenched in writing a book or some other important project with which you were so busy with that you completely forgot to save it all on flashdrive . . . (And yes, I do have a habit of run-on sentences, despite my high school English teacher’s outrage).

So of course, I use a different password for each site. And because I’m still a bit low-tech, I was quite proud of myself that when I first went into this Blogspot and it said, “Create Your Own Blog – It’s Easy” I found that they weren’t lying and I did it all by myself (You see, I have a Web Master do my web site and thankfully, he always remembers the all-important password).
So after I created a Blogspot on my own, my tail feathers were a bit fluffed once I saw my words magically appear in this nicely formatted site, and I went on with my day, week, month, totally forgetting what password I used and so the next time I wanted to write in this blog, I couldn’t get in!
And then another month went by . . .
You get the picture.

But it’s all good now. And I’m sure some of you have done the same thing (please tell me you have :-).

And here my time is up already. (As regular blog readers may recall, I made a New Year’s resolution to make my blog here a lot shorter than the one I previously wrote on my web site,

So until next time, take time to help out someone in need. Read a good book. And don’t forget to write down all your passwords. . . .
Oh, and check out my web site at :-)

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  1. I Love PicturePIN-XP to save my many passwords and its FREE

  2. I use lastpass and it remembers them for me
    great blog though